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EMU Tourism Faculty PhD Student Ecem İnce Presents “The Philosophy of Cittaslow (Slow City) in North Cyprus” to Mayors

EMU Tourism Faculty  PhD Student Ecem İnce Presents “The Philosophy of Cittaslow (Slow City) in North Cyprus” to Mayors
Published Date: Monday, 27 January 2020

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate’s 8th International Career Days events saw the organization between the EMU Tourism Faculty and Business and Economy Faculty for the presentation of PhD. Student Ecem Ince, student of Tourism Faculty, Tourism Management and at the same time Research Assistant at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economy, Business Administration Department subject titled; “The Philosophy of Cittaslow in North Cyprus: Applications, Results and Recommendations”, that was presented to municipal mayors.

The 8th International Career Days event was held at the EMU Tourism Faculty on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, at 11.30. Yeniboğaziçi Mayor Mustafa Zurnacılar, Lefke Mayor Aziz Kaya, Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli, Geçitkale Mayor Hasan Öztaş and Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan attended the event in addition to the Dean of the EMU Tourism Faculty; Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç, Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Öztüren, EMU Faculty of Business and Economics, Head of Business Administration Department Prof. Dr. Şule Aker and Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu. Many additional academics and students also attended the presentation.

Hasan Kılıç

“The aim should be to provide more service to the society”

In his opening speech at the press conference, EMU Tourism Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç underlined that this kind of research is among the responsibilities of universities in providing more services to their societies, at the same time; such events are hosted in order to display the value of the Cittaslow movement that it deserves. Then, EMU Faculty of Business and Economics, Head of Business Administration Prof. Dr. Şule Aker stated that such projects are of great importance for universities and municipalities as well as the future of the country, and noted that Cittaslow is a value for Northern Cyprus.

Ali Öztüren

Cittaslow needs to find life in our country

Vice Dean of Tourism Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Öztüren and EMU Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Business Administration member Deniz İşçioğlu also stated that Cittaslow's life in our country is of great importance for the tourists coming, and that such a great project will contribute to the solution of problems. In his speech, Yeniboğaziçi Mayor Mustafa Zurnacılar stated that the contribution of universities as a Cittaslow family is very important and he expressed his belief that he will achieve great work thanks to the unity of universities and municipalities.

“The TRNC does not withhold the structure necessary to maintain slow city”

Ecem Ince, a student of the EMU Tourism Faculty, Tourism Management Doctorate Program, presented her thesis with the applications, results and suggestions on the “Slow City Philosophy in Northern Cyprus”. Ince, in her thesis, emphasized that the TRNC failed in terms of meeting the criteria “Partnerships with different stakeholders, infrastructure policies, Environment and Energy policies”. She stated that local people should be informed about this issue and should be included in the process. Ince also underlined that the slow cities in TRNC do not have a sustainable structure, and on this point, local governments have great duties and responsibilities. After the event the Mayor of Tatlısu, Hayri Orçan, presented student Ecem Ince with a Cyprus-specific Lefkara work panel, while EMU Tourism Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç presented a certificate of appreciation to the participating mayors.