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Dean's Message

 Dear Students, Faculty Members, and Esteemed Stakeholders,

A warm welcome to the EMU Faculty of Tourism!

It is indeed a pleasure to extend my heartfelt greetings as we embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and success within the realm of tourism.
Our faculty is more than just an institution; it is a dynamic learning hub committed to shaping intellectually adept professionals and a skilled workforce. Our mission is clear: to meet the evolving demands of the global tourism sector and its diverse branches, including the hospitality, tourism, gastronomy, food & beverage, travel, civil aviation, recreation, and sports industries.
As you step into the world of our programs, you will find a comprehensive and innovative curriculum designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to take on leadership roles in various establishments within the tourism industry. Whether you aspire to manage hotels, resorts, travel agencies, or recreational facilities, our programs are tailored to nurture your talents and ambitions.
Our educational journey commences with an Associate's degree, laying a robust foundation for your academic endeavors. Subsequently, you have the pathway to pursue a Bachelor's degree, and for those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of academic achievement, the opportunity awaits to embark on advanced studies at the Master's level. Furthermore, for those with a fervor for extensive research and a desire to contribute significantly to the field of Tourism Management, our esteemed Ph.D. program stands as the ultimate milestone in your educational trajectory.
To our new students, I extend my sincerest congratulations on choosing the EMU Faculty of Tourism for your academic pursuits. You have joined a community that values excellence, innovation, and a commitment to preparing future leaders in the field.
I encourage you to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way. Seize every chance to learn, grow, and contribute to the vibrant academic environment of our faculty. Remember that your success is not only a reflection of your dedication but also a testament to the unwavering support and expertise of our esteemed faculty members.
May this academic journey be filled with discovery, inspiration, and success. On behalf of the entire faculty, I extend my best wishes for a bright and rewarding future. We are excited to witness your academic and personal achievements unfold.
Welcome to the EMU Faculty of Tourism!


Prof. Dr. Ali ÖZTÜREN




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