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Internship Coordinator
Senior Instructor, Koral Karamanoğlu
Office: TH 409
Office Telephone: (+90) 392 630 14 53


General Information

  •  The internship period for students in 2-year programs is 75 working days (A total of 90 days including off days), which must be completed at the end of 1st academic year (summer) and 150 working days for 4-year program students, 75 +75 working days (90 days + 90 days including off days) which must be completed at the end of the 1st and 3rd academic years (summer).
  • Students cannot graduate without completing their compulsory internship(s).
  • Internships can only take place in summer periods not during the semester.
  • Students taking courses in summer school, cannot do internships at the same time.
  • Internships can be completed in 4 or 5 stars Hotels, in 1st Class Holiday Resorts (villages), High Quality Restaurants & Patisseries, in A-Group Travel Agencies, Airline Industry, Ministry of Tourism and Emu Beach Club.
  • Students cannot change or cancel their place of internship once it has been confirmed.
  • Intern students can choose their own hosting company for the internship or may choose from companies suggested by the Internship Coordination Office.
  • Students may also apply for internship opportunities globally and in TRNC by signing up to Hosco's website. ( SIGN UP NOW !

Internship Program Procedures To Be Followed 

Students who continue their Associate and Undergraduate programs must complete the Compulsory Internship courses in their curriculum; The procedures and steps to be followed before commencing the internship, during the internship and at the end of the internship program are as follows; ALL FORMS CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM OUR FACULTY WEB SITE.

  1. In order to assess the suitability of the hosting company / enterprise for the internship program, the intern student should fill in the Pre-Approval Form, stating the intended place of internship details and submit directly by-hand to the faculty internship coordination office. The internship coordinator will forward all feedback on the suitability of the proposed company / enterprise for the internship to the intern student.
  2. The intern student, whose Internship Pre-Approval Form has been accepted, must then fill in the Internship Agreement with the representative of the hosting internship company and submit by-hand to the faculty internship coordination office for approval. The form must have a recent passport photo attached. The internship must be signed and stamped by the hosting company. You also need a valid passport copy.
  3. The intern student must deposit an amount of 8 TL for each working day of the internship program to the relevant bank account (Given below) within the scope of the internship insurance fee and give the payment receipt to the faculty internship coordinator together with the internship agreement. (75 working day internship insurance fee = 600 T
  4. Once commencing the internship program, the intern student must regularly fill in the Internship Log Book and submit it to the approval of the authorized person in the company / enterprise. The log book must be stamped and signed by the HR Manager, GM or DIRECTOR, otherwise will not be accepted.
  5. On completion of the internship program, the Internship and Career Development Questionnaire must be filled in by (1) the Intern Student and the (2) Authorized Person in the enterprise and submitted to the Tourism Faculty Internship Coordinator in a sealed envelope together with the Internship Log Book. Again it must be stamped and signed by the HR Manager, GM or DIRECTOR, otherwise will not be accepted.

  Internship Pre-Approval Form

  Internship Agreement 

  Internship Log Book

   Internship and Career Development Programme Questionnaire (Intern Student) 

   Internship and Career Development Programme Questionnaire (Supervisor) 


After receiving the approval of the Tourism Faculty Internship Coordinator, the student must send a copy of the following documents to Registrar’s Office by e-mail at the latest 2 weeks before the start date of the internship practice.

  • Internship Pre-Approval Form
  • Internship Agreement
  • Passport Copy
  • Bank Receipt (Internship Insurance Fee)

Faculty of Tourism, Internship Coordination Info:
Internship Coordination E-mail Address:
Koral Karamanoğlu (Internship Coordinator): (+90) 533 835 81 57
Tuğçe Nur Uçar (Internship Coordinator Assistant): (+90) 392 630 14 22
Internship Coordination Office Telephone:  (+90) 392 630 14 53

Registrar’s Office, Internship Representative Info:

 Deniz Alkaner: (+90) 0392 630 16 36; E-mail:

Bank Account Details: 

Online Ödeme (payment):



IBAN:                           TR 590006400000268200063932


Account No:               6820-63932

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