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All Tourism & Gastronomy Students must complete their weekly work experience and Summer Internships as part of the curriculum and future career development.


Tourism Internship Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ruchan KAYAMAN
Office number: TH309
Office phone: +90 392 630 1685

Gastronomy Internship Coordinator

Senior Instructor, Koral KARAMANOĞLU
Office No: TH 409
Office Phone: +90 392 630 1453

A. General Information

  • The training period for students in 2 year program is 60 working-days, which will be completed at the end of 1st Academic year, and, 120 working-days for 4 year program students, which will be completed at the end of 1st and 3rd academic year, divided into 2, 60 working-days period.
  • Students cannot graduate if they do not complete their training.
  •  Trainings can only take place in summer periods. However, if a student completes his/her courses and has an acceptable excuse, s/he can complete the training in any other season. However, students taking courses in summer school, cannot attend Internship at the same time.



  •  Trainings can be completed in 5 or 4 star hotels, in 1st class holiday villages, in A-Group travel agencies, airlines, Ministry of Tourism and EMU Beach Club.
  •  Trainings can be completed in 5 or 4 star hotels, in 1st class holiday villages, in A-Group travel agencies, airlines, Ministry of Tourism and EMU Beach Club.
  •  Trainees can choose the place they want to complete their trainings or may choose places that school assigns.

 Intenrship Form (En)   Internship Form (Tr)

B. Rules to be obeyed during the Training

  • Trainees should obtain the Industrial Training File, the Industrial Training Evaluation Form and an envelope, confirmation letter and training project before going to the training.
  •  Students should get the approval of the Training Committee before leaving school.
  •  Students cannot change or cancel their training places after 15th of May.
  •  Students should inform the establishment about the date of commences between 15-30 May.
  •  Students are informed about the provision of uniforms, accommodation, salary, food and transportation, so personal requirements should be avoided.
  •  Students should contact Human Resources/Personnel Manager and do their registration.
  •  Students should first try to solve the problems they might face within the establishment, then, in case of continuation; they should contact the school administration.
  •  During the training period, the Training Committee will visit the establishments, check the students and get information about them. If a student is not in the establishment apart from holidays and without an excuse, their training will be cancelled and accepted as unsatisfactory.
  •  The Industrial Training Files will be filled/completed by the trainees daily or weekly and will be signed by the Department Manager.
  •  Students should submit the Industrial Training Evaluation Form to the Personnel/Human Resources Manager and the administration/management should fill in the form, put in an envelope, seal it, sign and stamp it, and return it to the trainees.

C. Facts to Consider After Training

 Training Committee will announce the interview dates after pre-evaluating the Training Files.

 After interviews, training evaluation results will be posted on the Training Board and will be marked as (S) satisfactory or (U) unsatisfactory in the student record sheet.

​Important rules

 Weekly work experience period should be at least 60 hours.

 This notebook should be filled every day.

 If the student shows negligence of attendance during the internship period, the Department will cancel his/her work experience.

 It is the student's responsibility to hand the '' student Evaluation Form'' at the end of his/her weekly work experience, to his/her department head to be filled and submit to the Internship Coordinator.​

 Weekly work experience Form