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7th EMU Tourism Faculty Educational and Cultural Trip

7th EMU Tourism Faculty Educational and Cultural Trip
Published Date: Friday, 14 June 2019

The annual Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Tourism Faculty educational and cultural trip took place for the seventh time. This year’s destinations were Ankara, Beypazarı and Eskişehir. The trip coordinated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Nazenin Ruso and senior instructor Turan Değirmencioğlu was attended by 36 students from the TRNC, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Iran and Nigeria

On the first day of the trip the students visited the historical and cultural Hamamönü houses and Anıtkabir in Ankara. The students had the chance to view and record the soldiers’ changing of guard. Later during the day, the students visited Atatürk’s House and in the evening they obtained the opportunity to stroll through the Tunalı Hilmi Avenue. On the second day of the trip, the students received “Barista Education” as a result of the organization of EMU Tourism Faculty, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts master chef and Ankara Chef Academy Founding Director Ali Açıkgül. As part of this education students visited the Academy where they tasted and familiarized themselves with different types of coffee. After this, the group visited Ankara Castle and Rahmi Koç Museum. On day three the group travelled to Beypazarı where they were met by Culture Department Director Zafer Poyraz. Along with Poyraz, the group firstly went to the Beypazarı natural mineral springs where they attended a presentation about its architecture and the production of mineral water. Next, they visited Ankara University Vocational School of Beypazarı where they exchanged information about the program and practices with the school director and teachers. The students then travelled to the center of Beypazarı with Zafer Poyraz where they visited workshops and asked questions to chefs about its famous 80 layered Baklava, Beypazarı Kurusu, bread and casserole.

Day four of the trip included the visit to Eskişehir. Here EMU Tourism Faculty students visited the Wax Museum, Odunpazarı Houses, Atılhan Handicraft Bazaar, Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex, Devrim car, Kentpark, Şelalepark and Porsuk River. On the final day of the trip, the group visited the Sazova Science Park, one of Eskişehir’s most famous parks. Therefore the students obtained the opportunity to view important cultural monuments and taste different flavors throughout the trip.

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