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Globaltex Fine Linens CEO Ramazan Patak Delivers a Talk in EMU

Globaltex Fine Linens CEO Ramazan Patak Delivers a Talk in EMU
Published Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2019

In scope of the 8th Career Week activities organised by the Eastern Mediterranean University Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate in collaboration with Faculty of Tourism, Founder and CEO of Globaltex Fine Linens Ramazan Patak came together with the students of EMU at a talk which took place at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, 4 November 2019.

Provided Recommendations

During the event which was participated by the academic staff and students of EMU Tourism Faculty, Ramazan Patak delivered a presentation titled “A Tourism and Hospitality Management Graduate’s Career Path to Becoming a Top 20 Professional Under 40 in Miami, Florida”. In his presentation, Patak provided information on how he reached the current point in his career and provided recommendations for EMU Tourism Faculty students. Ramazan Patak, who went to America as a graduate of tourism and hospitality, stated that tourism is a sector that offers very important opportunities and that the visions of the students should be broad. Giving examples from his own career journey, Patak shared with students the details and success factors of being the top 20 most successful businessmen in Miami under the age of 40 and owning the fastest growing 249th business owner in America. Ramazan Patak stressed that working hard, being honest and loyal are the most important qualities that brought him to this point.