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EMU Gastronomy Students Begin Tree Calcification Project

EMU Gastronomy Students Begin Tree Calcification Project
Published Date: Monday, 13 January 2020

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Tourism Faculty, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department students Mehmet Parlar, Ali Çil, Uğur Can Kırşan, Seher Altuğ, Aleyna Aktaş alongside with teaching staff, coordinated by EMU Community Involvement Centre board member and Gastronomy Department Community Involvement Organisation academic staff Asst. Prof. Dr. Nazenin Ruso Kandemir, visited primary schools and calcified the trees on the school grounds, in order to help create a more healthy, safe, clean and tidier environment for the primary school children to be educated in.

Everyone always wondered during their childhood, why are trees painted white? Some children asked and received the answer while the trees were being painted. Where requested by teaching staff, a presentation was made in the classrooms to enlighten the students. The children were also given the opportunity to paint the trees themselves. Due to the efforts of this enjoyable project, the trees are now stronger, with sprouting and cracks to the trunk prevented. With the children’s health considered, the trees will now have a defense against other damages, as it is well known, it also prevents Lime beetles, who like to climb the trees to make their nests. Assist. Prof. Dr. Nazenin Rus Kandemir stated that the project had many aims including keeping the primary schools tidy, maintained and looking clean, and that they plan to organise this project each year. Beginning from schools in locations around Famagusta; Gönendere, Güvercinlik, Çayönü, Çayırova, Ziyamet, İskele and Maraş, Kandemir advised they also intend to continue the good work in the Girne, Lefkoşa and Lefke districts.