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EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program Students Received Hands-On Training at Ercan Airport

EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program Students Received Hands-On Training at Ercan Airport
Published Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Students of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Tourism,  Civil Aviation Cabin Services program received hands-on training at Ercan Airport to acquire the necessary information and experience to become professionally equipped cabin crew members.

The students participated in a series of activities during the technical training they received at Ercan Airport. In addition to visiting the meteorology station and receiving information and making observations, the students also learned about Pegasus Airlines’ ticket sales, Counter, Check-in and Boarding procedures. The students were also happy to receive training on cabin services after visiting the customs building.

The students who had the opportunity to receive training on a Pegasus Airlines aircraft learned about emergency equipment, the opening and closing of doors and wing exits, the arrangement of the interior of the aircraft, the announcement system, the in-flight entertainment system, the arrangements in the aircraft kitchen (galley), the operation of ovens, hot cups and coffee makers, fire systems in toilets, oxygen systems and general information about the aircraft.

Senior Instructor at Faculty of Tourism Specialist Aslı Akı, who provided hands-on training to the students during the technical tour, was also present along with Faculty of Tourism Research Assistants Sonuç Hacıoğlu and Emine Erkanlı to allow the students to convert the theoretical knowledge they have gained in class into practice.

Dean of EMU Tourism Faculty Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç stated on the subject that the program provides the students with adequate information and skills both theoretically and practically. Prof. Dr. Kılıç emphasized that the graduates find it easy to find work due to the developments in the aviation sector and that the tour is extremely important for the students to gain real-life practical experience. Prof. Dr. Kılıç thanked EMU Rector’s Office, Northern Cyprus Civil Aviation Authority, the officials of the Ercan Civil Aviation Authority, the staff of the Ercan Meteorology Station, the officials and personnel of the Ercan Police Station, the officials of Pegasus Airlines Ercan Airport, and the technical staff of Pegasus Airlines for their efforts in making the tour possible.

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