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First Aid, Firefighting, Earthquake Awareness Seminar and Training Organized at EMU Faculty of Tourism

First Aid, Firefighting, Earthquake Awareness Seminar and Training Organized at EMU Faculty of Tourism
Published Date: Saturday, 17 June 2023

In collaboration with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Civil Defence Department, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Tourism organized a seminar and a training on First Aid, Firefighting and Earthquake Awareness topics. TRNC Civil Defence Department Famagusta District Director Atilla Samur, Hasan Özboltaşlı and Osman Demirli delivered the seminar and training. Specialist academic staff member Aslı Akı from EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program also accompanied the students during the event.

With the seminar and the training, EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program aimed to ensure the safety of passengers by providing students who will work in the civil aviation sector with the skills to deal with emergencies. Students were trained on basic skills required in coping with emergencies. Practical skills used in dealing with emergencies such as first aid technics, basic life support, dealing with bleeding, burn injury treatment and fractured bones were discussed in the event. Moreover, safe evacuation technics for situations such as earthquakes and fire, firefighting methods and fire safety topics were also discussed in the seminar and training.

EMU Tourism Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç thanked TRNC Civil Defence Department and everyone who contributed to the realization of the seminar. Stating that the seminar is a huge opportunity for the students, Prof. Dr. Kılıç emphasized the importance of prudent and effective response in emergencies. Noting the significance of emergency coping skills in individuals who work in the tourism sector, Prof. Dr. Kılıç advised the students to prioritize safety and well-being in their future roles in the industry. Suggesting the students to always attending trainings and seminar like this, Prof. Dr. Kılıç emphasized that EMU Tourism Faculty will continue to organize such training programs in order to increase the competencies of employees in the tourism sector and to provide effective response in emergencies.

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