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EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program Students Successfully Complete Hands on Mock-Up and Airport Training

EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program Students Successfully Complete Hands on Mock-Up and Airport Training
Published Date: Monday, 13 March 2023

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Civil Aviation Cabin Services Associate Program students successfully completed the “Emergency Mock-up Training” and applied training organized at Pegasus Airlines Training Center in İstanbul and Istanbul Airport, respectively.

The mock-up training in question which took place at Pegasus Airlines Training Center included topics such as fire extinguishing, use of emergency equipment, emergency scenario training in flight simulator and life-saving in water. During the training series delivered by Pegasus authorities and EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program specialist academic staff member Aslı Akı, students got the chance to experience emergency situations thanks to the applied practices with the simulators, and the steps to be taken in such events. Within the scope of the training, possible situations that can be experienced in the case of a risk in the sky, a forced landing on the sea or on land were portrayed in simulated aircraft cabins, and what can be done to save the passengers was shown in practice. In the mock-up training, the training of opening and closing the doors on the planes was carried out practically for each student. Students had the chance to experience emergency situations such as fire, discharge of pressure, forced landing, failure of landing gear or breakage during flight, in realistic simulators.

On the other hand, EMU Civil Aviation Cabin Services program students received hands-on training at different units during their technical visit at Istanbul Airport. Within the scope of their visit, the students had the opportunity to visit the AOCC Control Center, IGA Air Traffic Operation, IGA ATC Tower, IGA Cargo City and Turkish Airlines Cabin Services Building. During their visit, the students examined the central observation point where all operations at the airport are monitored. They met with air traffic controllers and received detailed information about flight traffic, meteorological conditions and other aviation operations and observed the work at the air traffic control tower live. On the other hand, students had the opportunity to experience the standard procedures applied by the cabin crew and the processes pertaining to flight safety by getting information about cargo operations, storage systems and logistics operations. The students, who also had the opportunity to chat with the flight personnel received detailed information about their flights.

In a statement on the subject, EMU Tourism Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç put forth that the hands-on Mock-Up training carried out at the modern training center of Pegasus Airlines has successfully been completed. Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç emphasized that the students received training through different scenarios against all kinds of emergencies that may occur in the cabin. Prof. Dr. Kılıç added that cabin crew candidates receive practical training in addition to in-class theoretical training in the EMU Civil Aviation and Cabin Services program, and stated that such training ensure the permanence of the knowledge they learn. Also, Prof. Dr. Kılıç highlighted that the students had the opportunity to observe the practices and processes in the aviation industry closely with the technical visits they made at Istanbul Airport. Prof. Dr. Kılıç extended his thanks to EMU Rector’s Office, Pegasus Airlines officials, IGA Managers, Turkish Airlines Cabin Services Directorate and Specialist Instructor Aslı AKI for enabling the Mock-Up training to take place. Prof. Dr. Hasan Kılıç also stressed his belief that students who have gained practical skills along with theoretical knowledge will be the most sought-after and qualified human resources in the civil aviation industry.

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